Why People Think Supplies Are A Good Idea

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Reasons for Incontinence and Available Supplies

Bladder control is one of the problems of people who are advanced in age. When incontinence strikes you when you are in a public place, then this will definitely cause your embarrassment. This is the reason why many companies now carry incontinence supplies. You can even order from manufacturers that can ship your incontinence supplies for free. There are now many products in the market that aid people who are suffering from incontinence so that they can live active, normal lives.

Adult incontinence can be a result of many different conditions. Some of these reasons include prostrate problems in men, surgery, lack of muscle tone, childbirth in women, progressive diseases such as multiple sclerosis, side effects of medications, and natural aging. There is an underlying problem whose symptoms is incontinence. Many people suffering form incontinence shun from participating in social or recreational activities.

Pads and protective garments are the two major categories of incontinence supplies. Panty liners and protective beddings are available. There are adult diapers for both men and women which you can easily buy from any grocery or drug stores. Some incontinence products need a doctor’s prescription and most of these products are not available locally but has to be ordered somewhere else.

To help incontinence women need to improve their muscle tone on the pelvic floor which can be done with the help of exercise accessories. In order to support the neck of the bladder a pessary, which is an elastic or rigid device, is inserted into the vagina and fitted in. Pessaries are expensive but replacement does not come often. Another option which only a few people use are urethral inserts which create a seal at the neck of the bladder.

For men there are drip collectors and penile clips. These devices are disposable and may be OTC product or require prescription.

Aside from pads and adult diapers, very few people need anything more. Sometimes buying these products give people great embarrassment and they simply want to suffer at home. Today, however, you can purchase these incontinence supplies online so that the privacy of the individual is preserved. These online supplies also offer complete privacy with discreet deliveries in unmarked boxes without any public records of the transactions.

You don’t need to continue using incontinence products if the underlying cause is treated. There are some, though, who would have to use these products for the rest of their lives if they want to have a normal life. It is then their priority to have a source of incontinence supplies, preferably with free shipping.

Just be careful when ordering your incontinence supplies. Always read the fine print. Price comparison should be done before purchasing. Even with no free shipping, having great discounts is worth it.

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